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Dinner and Evening Entertainment

At the end of a stressful work week or on a special weeknight there is nothing more relaxing than dinner and entertainment. Going to a delicious restaurant and enjoying some of the finer things in life is the relaxation that helps us take a step away from the stress of daily life. Concerts, comedy and other entertainment also help make these nights out that much more special and exciting. Here at Apex luxury transportation we proudly serve the entire East Bay for all of it’s dinner and evening entertainment luxury transportation needs.

We specialize in providing East Bay limousine transportation for dinners and evening entertainment. How it works is that we pick you up in one of our state of the art limousines anywhere in the East Bay at a pre decided upon location. Because we are fully committed to providing our clients with as much decision making as possible we plan your limousine excursions directly with you. We pride ourselves on developing an exciting evening as you desire it. We have a wide array of incredible, beautiful and state of the art vehicles for you to choose from. Our limousines are able to accommodate parties of many different sizes. Our fleet of beautiful black limousines are adorned with comfortable leather seating as well as surround sound systems that you have control over the entire time. These amenities, combined with a full service bar help turn your transportation experience into pure luxury. At Apex we also take very seriously not only providing state of the art vehicles for your enjoyment but providing excellent and professional drivers. Our limousine drivers are the best limousine drivers in the entire East Bay. With years of experience, excellent safety records, consistency and a deep geographic knowledge of the East Bay and greater Bay Area, our limousine drivers take your limousine experience to the next level. Professionalism and attention to detail set Apex’s limousine drivers from the next and always are sure to get you where you need to go when you need to be there. When one of our Apex limousines arrive at our pre-discussed location, it will whisk you and your party away for a night out on the town. For those in the East Bay who are looking for something new and adventurous there are a plethora of restaurants and bars to choose from. Our staff prides itself on being able to help our clients formulate an itinerary if necessary. We consistently bring our clients to some of the best restaurants and bars in the East Bay. Whether you are looking for something outside of the urban centers on the Delta, pristine dining in the East Bay restaurant hub of Walnut Creek or are looking to explore exciting restaurants in Oakland or Berkeley, we know many incredible go to restaurants and bars that our limousine drivers will happily show you. For those who know exactly what they want from their limousine services our drivers will gladly take you and your group out for a night they will never forget.

There are also many different entertainment types our drivers are accustomed to taking our clients to. For concerts, sporting events, comedy shows and anything in between our professional limousine drivers will take you and your party to them in luxury. We believe that our vehicles are an incredible addition to any night of entertainment that you and your party may desire. Not having to worry about transportation combined with the luxuriousness of a limousine will make any East Bay night of entertainment that much more enjoyable.

Here at Apex we proud and honored to be an East Bay institution. Our commitment to providing residents and visitors to the East Bay alike premium and professional limousine services is not only what we are known for but what we do best. We are committed to ensuring all of our clients the best services every single time and helping them turn normal nights out to dinner into memorable experiences they will never forget. We understand the stresses of life that prevent us from relaxing, from enjoying the company of others and having a good time. At Apex it is our commitment to helping you discover those incredible nights with luxury. Our limousines help open doors to places and events you never dreamed of. There truly is no better way to come together with your loved ones, friends or even your clients than in the luxury of an Apex limousine. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today and together we can turn any day of the week into an incredible limousine adventure you never thought possible. As the East Bay’s premier limousine service, we will turn a night out to dinner with friends into an incredible event you will never forget.

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