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Corporate Travel and Destination management

At Apex Transportation we are proud to be the East Bay’s go to limousine service provider. Throughout the entire East Bay our dedicated and varied client base consistently return to utilize our limousine services. This to be clear is no accident nor is it luck. Here at Apex we make sure to dedicate the appropriate time and energy to all of our clients. It does not matter whether it is your first time taking a ride in one of our incredible limousines or if it is your one hundredth time, whether you are a large corporation or a couple, we provide the same incredible services across the board. This dedication to every single one of our clients sets us apart as the most comprehensive limousine provider in the entire East Bay. With that being said we do specialize and provide total Corporate Travel and Destination Management.

In regards to corporate travel a portion of our client base are corporations themselves. The East Bay is home to a number of large national and international corporations. We at Apex understand just how important comfortable travel is in business relationships. We have found that many corporations within the East Bay, both big and small, find that utilizing limousine transportation for their clients and management are useful for a wide range of reasons. At Apex we pride ourselves on providing premium limousine transportation for a number of corporate clients within the the East Bay. Whether your corporation needs a limousine for entertainment transportation, airport pick ups or rides between different meetings and sites, Apex offers comprehensive corporate limousine services. We work directly with the corporation in question to develop limousine transportation itineraries of exactly what our client is looking for. If a consistent schedule is needed we are capable of providing that. If it is merely a one time transportation we are also capable of providing that. Our commitment to our corporate clients and the variety of needs we have encountered have made our limousine services incredibly flexible to the specific transportation needs of any corporate client. One of our services that sets us apart from other limousine service providers is our ability to help with destination management. What this means is that when one of our corporate clients or individual clients for that matter are in need of deciding where within the East Bay or elsewhere to go we can help provide the names of well respected restaurants, bars and other destinations. Our deep knowledge of the East Bay and beyond make us a go to resource for helping our corporate clients and individual clients decide on destinations if need be – free of any extra charge. Our overall philosophy is that the entire experience from start to finish is what is important. We believe that it is necessary to help our clients have an enjoyable and luxurious experience every single step of the way. It is this overall commitment that separates us from the other limousine providers in the East Bay.

Our corporate clients will be pleased because we have a wide range of vehicles to choose from depending on the size as well as preferences. Our fleet of limousines are comprehensive and beautiful and ultimately can accommodate an array of different group sizes. Each limousine is equipped with leather interior seating, a state of the art surround sound system and a full bar for your enjoyment. We also offer sedans and luxury SUVs if you are so inclined. This variety helps fit the specific situation and allows for each one of our clients to have more choices. Our drivers are professional and knowledgeable of the East Bay and will consistently ensure timeliness, professionalism and will not get your party lost. Our corporate clients consistently regard our drivers as the best they have seen because of their astute attention to details. The relationship between limousine driver and client helps make every single ride with Apex a memorable one.

There is a reason that Apex is the number one limousine service provider in the East Bay and a favorite among corporations big and small. Our consistency, reliability and flexibility to the needs of our clients help make us a favorite. While our limousine services are centered within the East Bay our ability to travel around the Bay Area and our knowledge of the Bay Area and the Wine Country alike make our limousine experiences as varied as our vehicles themselves. We guarantee that when riding in one of our limousines you and your clients will have the perfect environment from everything to an intimate corporate gathering to a serious meeting to a moment of relaxation and fun with your co workers and clients. So please as you are looking to develop consistency for your corporate limousine transportation needs there is no better place to look than Apex. As the East Bay’s go to limousine service provider we promise there is no further you will need to go.

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